Prospective Students

Wednesday Class Option

Begins August 8 at 6:00 PM (1.5 hr class). Last class for winter term ends December 5, 2018. Spring term will resume at the end of February and conclude mid-May.

This class is designed for participants who prefer a face-to-face classroom-style learning environment. Weekly classroom assembly includes a live professor presenting content, and includes weekly reading assignments and live discussion in class.

Online Option

Begins August 5 with semester concluding December 12, 2018.  Spring term will resume at the end of February and conclude mid-May.

This training is designed for participants who enjoy online learning, engaging in social forums or are unable to participate in a weekly classroom setting. The same content is presented in TNT Online as it is in the classroom option, and includes added threaded online discussions and video requirements. Personal internet access is required to participate in TNT Online.
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Overview of TNT Course

The content below is the same for both classroom and TNT Online options. The only difference is that TNT Online will include videos in place of a live professor and require threaded online discussions for accountability to reading assignments.

Fall Term: Biblical Studies and the Life of Christ


  • Proficient understanding of the Gospels and the life of Christ.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the life, mission, message, death, and resurrection of Christ.


  • Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • Read assigned pages from textbook(s)
  • Final Paper: Essay on Jesus and the Gospels

Fall Mid-Term: Basic Christian Theology



Winter Term: Self-Study

  1. Interview BBC Minister
    Write out a summary of your interview
  2. Read a book related to “Ministry in the 21st Century.” and write a 3-5 page paper
    This may be a book on church or culture such as:
    –  Simple Church
    –  Present Future
    –  The Reason for God
  3. Complete assigned assessments, such as PLACE, Keirsey and/or Strengths Finders.

Spring Term: Spiritual Leadership & Ministry Presentation