Fall 2017 Class Schedule

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Class Date Study Topic Professor
August 9 Kick-Off | Intro to course
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Roger Severino
August 16 The Nature and Scope of Scripture Roger Severino
August 23 Background to Jesus and the Gospels Roger Severino
August 30 Intro to Jesus and the Gospels (no audio) Michael Card
September 6 Gospel of Mark | Download Slides Darrell Gwaltney
September 13 Gospel of Matthew | Download Slides Darrell Gwaltney
September 20 Gospel of Luke | Download Slides Darrell Gwaltney
September 27 Gospel of John Darrell Gwaltney
October 4 Essay on Jesus and the Gospels
1. How does each Gospel writer make a unique contribution to our understanding of Jesus?
2. What am I learning about Jesus during this term and how is it impacting me?
WH-A available
October 11 The Trinity | God, the Father | Download Slides Darrell Gwaltney
October 18 God, the Son | Download Slides Darrell Gwaltney
October 25 God, the Holy Spirit Roger Severino
November 1 Creation and Humanity Darrell Gwaltney
November 8 The Bible | Download Notes Paul Wilkinson
November 15 Salvation & Missions Paul Wilkinson
November 29 The Church Paul Wilkinson
December 6 The Future and Eternity | Download Notes Paul Wilkinson
December 13 Final Paper Due: What You Believe Mid-year Survey

 Winter 2018 Self-Study Schedule

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Spring 2018 Class Schedule

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Class Date Study Topic Professor
February 28 Opening | Spiritual Leadership
(audio available upon request)
Brian Dodridge
March 7 Leadership Principles | Download Slides | Watch Video Series Leon Drennan
March 14 Soul Care Ken Corr
March 21 Personal Assessments (Keirsey) | Download Notes Michele Dyer
March 28 Spring Break | Holy Week (Easter) No Class
April 4 Life Ministry Statements Michele Dyer
April 11 Experiences  | Experiences Homework Michele Dyer
April 18 Break  |  Click Here To Take Survey No Class
April 25 Ministry Presentations E. Newman, M. Severino, R. Newman, D. Maccabee
May 2 Ministry Presentations T. Alger, C. Wills, C. Holz, J. Howell
May 9 Ministry Presentations S. Ramsey, A. Engberg, D. Guy
May 16 Graduation Ceremony RSVP by May 11  |  TNT Survey