Fall 2018 Class Schedule

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Class Date Study Topic
August 8 Kick-Off | Intro to course | Click Here to sign up for PLACE
August 15 The Nature and Scope of Scripture | Click Here for Audio
August 22 Background to Jesus and the Gospels (no audio)
August 29 Intro to Jesus and the Gospels (no audio)
September 5 Gospel of Mark | Click Here for Audio
September 12 Gospel of Matthew | Click Here for Audio
September 19 Gospel of Luke (no audio)
September 26 Gospel of John | Click Here for Audio
October 3 Essay on Jesus and the Gospels
Wilson Hall A open to use for writing timed paper.
1. How does each Gospel writer make a unique contribution to our understanding of Jesus?
2. What am I learning about Jesus during this term and how is it impacting me?
October 10 The Trinity | God, the Father | Click Here for Audio
October 17 God, the Son | Click Here for Audio
October 24 God, the Holy Spirit | Click Here for Audio
October 31 Creation and Humanity | Click Here for Audio
November 7 The Bible | Click Here for Audio
November 14 Salvation & Missions | Click Here for Audio
November 28 The Church | Click Here for Audio
December 5 The Future and Eternity | Click Here for Audio
December 12 Final Paper Due: What You Believe | Mid-year Survey

Winter 2019 Self-Study Schedule

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Spring 2019 Class Schedule

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Class Date Study Topic
March 6 Opening | Spiritual Leadership
March 13 Leadership Principles
March 20 Soul Care
March 27 Personal Assessments (Enneagram)
April 3 Experiences  | Experiences Homework
April 10 Life Ministry Statements
April 17 Holy Week | Click Here To Take Survey
April 24 Ministry Presentations
May 1 Ministry Presentations
May 8 Ministry Presentations
May 15 Ministry Presentations
May 22 Graduation Ceremony | RSVP by May 15 | TNT Survey