Becoming a Christian Coach

“Perhaps one of the most powerful ways of understanding coaching is from the end. If we know what we are intending to accomplish, we can correct ourselves as we go along and be able to evaluate our success at the end.”
—James Flaherty

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Coach Connections Training

Mentor Relationships Information Session
Next session TBD

This session will provide an overview of the Mentor Relationships ministry for BBC members who are interested in serving as BBC Coaches. The first session provides an overview of the Mentor Relationships ministry and information that will assist the BBC member in determining whether to pursue Coach training. The first session will also cover the Mentor Relationships agreement, guidelines for reporting coaching relationships to the Mentor Relationships ministry, and a high-level overview of the core competencies of coaching. The BBC member will then choose a Coach Connections training for the remaining three sessions. Each training will take a deep dive into the competencies of coaching.

  • Coach Connections – Option 1 
    Prerequisite: Mentor Relationships Information Session
  • Coach Connections – Option 2
    Prerequisite: Mentor Relationships Information Session


Coaching is a relational process that turns thinking into action. The coachee is the expert in this relationship and the coach’s role is to draw out of the coachee information, experiences, and truth. Asking questions, listening and delivering concise messages the coach guides the elimination of interference prohibiting forward spiritual progress.


  • Listening is an essential gift to the coachee from the coach.
  • Coaching promotes discovery on the part of the coachee, generally this discovery is from previously acquired information which has either been forgotten or unused.
  • Coaching assists in connecting previously learned information with any potentially related or new information.
  • The end result of coaching is forward action. A coaching session must always end with an action step.


  • New thinking and action owned by the person being coached.
  • A renewed awareness of thinking, reflecting, and confidence on the part of the coachee.
  • A reduction or elimination of the interference impacting the potential for spiritual growth.

Should I Become a Christian Coach?

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