What are Mentor Relationships?

A mentor relationship is simply when someone walks along side of you and helps you move closer to Christ. We’ve developed three ways for you to move toward Christ-likeness through mentor relationships.

Mentor Relationships Application

The camaraderie and concern shared between spiritual friends focuses on each other’s soul care (spiritual journey). The interaction between spiritual friends is a mutual love and desire to see each other become all that God intends for them to become. The end result of this mutually nurturing relationship is a spiritual transformation that honors God!

The mentor establishes a relationship with another person that makes available and holds accountable for certain specific information, skills, networks and their application throughout his or her spiritual journey. The end result of this relationship is an apprenticeship that points the mentee to Christ and spiritual practices that promote Christ-likeness.
Mentor Communication Mentor Relationships Agreement

Coaching is a relational process that turns thinking into action. The coachee is the expert in this relationship and the coach’s role is to draw out of the coachee information, experiences, and truth. Asking questions, listening and delivering concise messages the coach guides the elimination of interference prohibiting forward spiritual progress.
Coach Communication Mentor Relationships Agreement