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June, July, August 2018 — STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND

June 24 — Where Are You Headed, Stranger?
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July 1 — God’s Instructions for Living in a Strange Land
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July 8 — Transformed Thinking
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July 15 — The Ambassador’s Plea
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July 22 — Home Base
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July 29 — Who Does This Child Belong To?
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August 5 — Needs a Little Salt
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Past Sermon-Based Curriculum

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May / June 2018 — SACRIFICIAL LOVE

We are immersed in a culture that thinks and feels with its eyes, and often the cultural definition of love is something that feels right in the moment but can’t be sustained or enjoyed in the long run. That’s why the gospel, established and built upon the sacrificial love of God, gives us a better and lasting foundation upon which to establish relationships in our lives. In this series, we want to deconstruct the unhealthy and unbiblical perspectives about relationships, and reconstruct a gospel-centered approach to how we think, act, and live in relationship with others.

April 2018 — EASTER: Now What?

Applied Theology

Part One: Evacuation Expected
Part Two: Evacuation Executed

The word exodus means “to evacuate.” The book of Exodus is God’s revealed evacuation plan of God’s people out of Egyptian slavery. In anticipation of Easter, and leading up to Palm Sunday, this series aims to show how God has always had a plan for His people to have a way out of slavery in order to be with Him in fellowship. By looking at the life of Moses in February and the nation of Israel in March, we will see that everything aims to point at how God has always used someone He calls (Moses) to accomplish something He establishes (blood, death, Passover). This is a pointer to the ultimate fulfillment in Christ. Because of Christ, we too can “evacuate” out of sin, slavery, and death.


A Vision Series on the Middle Tennessee Initiative. The “theme verse” of Brentwood Baptist Church.
The call received.
The call confirmed.
The call obeyed.

November / December 2017 — INTO THE LIGHT

An Advent Series on Missions and Evangelism. During a time of year when it’s easy to think of ourselves first, God calls us to reflect on the One who came to bring light to those in darkness and to share that light.

October / November 2017 — ENGAGE

Engaging the Whole Person with the Whole Gospel


Becoming a Christian means having a restored relationship with the Creator (1 Peter 3:18). It means having an ongoing, continuous, forever relationship with God. God desires us to be present with Him, and He knows it is why we were made. To ensure a relationship happens in increasing measure, spiritual disciplines are necessary for every Christian. Being disciplined is never easy or comfortable. However, it is always rewarding. Applying spiritual disciplines to your life guarantees a reward for greater intimacy with God, affecting the purpose of salvation.

August / September 2017 — SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP

Spiritual Leadership Foundations Curriculum

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In.

July / August 2017 — LIVING IN BETWEEN

Christians are often caught in the middle, and this hasn’t changed. Now, we’re caught between being followers of Christ and the current political processes. How do we live as Christians in this time of such political and religious divisions? We live in the real world with a lot of different people and opinions. How do we live faithfully in a world that doesn’t share our views? How do we live when Christ has started, but not finished His work in us? How do we respond to a world that has so many different questions about truth and what really matters? Paul helps us in his response to Athens. Sure, we know a lot about Jesus, but do our choices reflect what we say we know and believe?


Before we begin any journey, we have to determine where we are now. That’s the first question of God to Adam, “Where are you?” We always assume that if we could talk to God, we would ask Him a lot of questions. But more times than not, it’s God who does the asking. Are you ready for what God may ask you? Once we know where we are, we have to determine where we want to go. Then, we decide how we get there. Most of us think we’ll handle this when we get there. But where we’re going determines a lot about what we do today.

April – June 2017 — LIVING SENT

Missions & Evangelism Foundations Curriculum

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In.


The time we live in today can be characterized by the phrase that summarizes the Book of Judges: Everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25, ESV). God’s people had entered the land to take it, but the land ended up taking control of them. Unpleasant and messy like our times, Judges shows our tendency toward repeated cycles of spiritual decline and our need for renewal. And while God raised up judges to rescue His people, each ultimately fell short, pointing us to our need for not just a hero, but a Savior.

January – March 2017 — TRANSFORMING TRUTHS

Theology gives words that help us describe what we believe. It equips, encourages, and empowers us to see, know, and live the truth. In this seven-week sermon series, we will examine core, basic doctrines that all Christ-followers should know well, including the resurrection, the Trinity, creation, salvation, and more.  If we want to become mature Christ followers, we need to study and apply the theological truths of Scripture.

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In.

November / December 2016 — NO ROOM

Like an overloaded outlet, our lives are maxed out so that there is “no room” for Christ. We need Jesus to come and set us free.

October / November 2016 — EPHESIANS IN REVERSE

Children often do the “what” before they understand the “why.” They are told by their parents to do something they may not understand until later. In what most scholars believe to be a message intended to be read as a sermon, Paul outlines the “why” before he gets to the “what” in Ephesians.Theological foundation (the why) is laid out before practical implementation (the what). Like children, however, doing the “what” before understanding the “why” can build trust. Adults now know why their parents told them to brush their teeth or chew with their mouths closed or look both ways before crossing the street. Adults who had parents filling them with the “what” now understand the “why” and are grateful in retrospect. Tackling Ephesians in reverse aims at this goal: greater trust and assurance in our Father. Getting the “what” before understanding the “why” is a different approach to instill greater appreciation of the Father’s love.

August / September 2016 — OUR MESS, HIS MASTERPIECE

The story of Joseph is the story of someone who grew up as the favored child, only to become misunderstood and hated. Joseph’s story was a mess from the beginning. Each step more uncertain than the last. It’s not until we reach the end that we see that God was always at work. A life that seemed like a complete mess was only the beginning of His masterpiece.


A Series by your Campus Pastor

May / June 2016 — LOVING WELL

Healthy Relationships Foundations Curriculum

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In and Venture Up.


Time is the most precious resource a person has. Unfortunately, we spend our lives over-committed, hurried, stressed, and our calendars are too full to really be invested in what matters most. What we desperately want in our lives is calm and peace. But we don’t know how to slow the pace we are moving or the priorities that we are committed to. This creates a life that has little margin in our lives for the things of God. Many of us are spending our time wandering down the wrong path in life and never have time to look up and realize it. God wants to help us manage our time well, and prioritize what matters most.

March 2016 — JESUS IS LOVE

We gain our understanding for love and how to love others from our relationship with Jesus Christ. Through His finished work on the cross and the resurrection, Jesus became THE definition of love. Jesus made his way to the cross in obedience to His Father’s will, but he was also motivated by His deep love for humanity. In this series, we will fix the eyes of our people on the great love of Christ as demonstrated to us on the cross and through the resurrection.

February 2016 — LOVE IS

With Christ as our guide, we must reclaim the meaning of love from our culture. This will happen as followers of Jesus gain a better understanding of the unconditional love of God and display it through our attitudes and actions. And it must be done over long periods of time, consistently and faithfully, in order to communicate our desire to love others well.

January 2016 — SENT

Becoming a Sent Church: A Middle TN Initiative Vision Series

“The church used to be the source of much of the innovation and entrepreneurial work in the world. But sometime in the 1970’s the church seems to have stopped trying to be creative and innovative with regard to healthcare, education and poverty. You gave that role up and lost your imagination. You abdicated creative imagination to corporate interests and other non-profits. Now, the church is seen as the yellow light and red light people. Rather than being people who imagine and improvise and encourage progress, the church appears to decelerate progress.” – Greg Jones, Duke Divinity School

December 2015 — WHEN IT ALL BEGAN

Advent Sermon Series

This series focuses on Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah and the anticipation that comes with hoping and praying for that long awaited Gift. The series is very simple and straightforward during Advent. Our people are tired, overwhelmed, and unfortunately they’ll be dealing with the tension of consumerism. That’s why we want to stay focused on simple truths of Christ’s arrival and what that means for us.

October / November 2015 — GOD’S UNFOLDING STORY

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is telling one big unfolding story and Jesus is the hero of that story. The Bible in its entirety gives meaning to its individual parts – and especially about how we view Jesus. Many of our people don’t know this meta-narrative at all. And those of us who do weren’t equipped to read the Bible as one connected story, unfolding progressively throughout scripture. And the full complement of scripture places our attention on the person of Jesus. The Jesus Storybook Bible says that “every story whispers His name.” It’s in reading the Bible that we find God’s story and then our story.

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In and Venture Up.

September 2015 — A VISION SERIES

In the past 18 months we’ve launched two new regional campuses and one new ministry campus. There are many new members who aren’t fully aware of the vision God has given our church. We stand at the place we’ve always wanted to be, poised for greater influence with the gospel in Middle Tennessee. It’s critical to ensure that we are unified together as a church family.  We exist to connect people to Jesus Christ, and we’ll make that our priority until the Lord returns.

August 2015 — HELLO MY NAME IS…

At some point in our lives, we’ve all put on that red and white name tag that says, “Hello My Name is” that communicates our identity. Every human has a natural desire to be known, to ensure their life and work matter. Unfortunately we look for that validation in various unhealthy sources: relationships, work, accomplishments, others opinions, etc.  “In Christ…” is repeated consistently in the book of Ephesians. It’s a great place to discover how finding our identity in Christ will bring us peace, confidence and joy that we can’t find anywhere else.

July 2015 — What Your Pastor Wants You to Know: Thriving in Babylon

Each campus used the “What Your Pastor Wants You to Know” theme and graphics. However, each campus addressed a different set of scriptures, sermon titles, and texts. For instance, the Brentwood Campus used this time to explore the idea of “Thriving in Babylon”. As an example, Avenue South addressed stand-alone topics each week: membership, baptism, marriage, and sexuality. And each campus chose sermon texts and titles as they saw fit.

June 2015 — Fear Not: A Series About Trusting God

Recent world events, such as ISIS beheading Christians and murdering people in Europe, create anxiety and concern among our people. Our people are fearful of any number of things: fear of never getting married, fear of losing a job, fear of not be able to pay the mortgage, fear of the unknown, fear of intimacy, fear of commitment. These are real concerns and fear seems reasonable to a person, even when it’s irrational. But it drives us away from God and reveals our desire to control the circumstances of our lives. The number one command in the Bible is “Fear Not” and it’s a loving invitation to trust God.

April / May 2015 — Encountering Christ In Scripture

Some of our people worship their careers and the accumulation of wealth and possessions. Others worship athletes and sports teams. While others worship at the altar of approval and value that comes from another human. None of these gods have the ability to provide lasting stability, a sense of worth, or a meaningful purpose for living. There is a God and his name is Jesus. He is the only one with the authority and glory that can be trusted to hold our lives together and provide a meaningful existence.

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In and Venture Up.

February / March 2015 — Love as Our Witness

Jesus said that the world would know we follow Him by our love for others. Throughout history, the Church has done this best when we’ve shared the love of Christ through the areas of education, healthcare, and poverty. What a powerful witness of being a church that loves people well, whether they respond to our Gospel or not. The book of John presents a culture similar to our postmodern one, proclaiming redemption through the divine nature of the human soul, not through repentance of sin and faith in Christ to bring about spiritual rebirth. John’s letter is not a list of do’s and don’ts, but a testament to what Christ has already done. God’s work through Jesus’ death and resurrection is the mandate for us to love the world and demonstrate our faith in action. We want our people to have the skills and habits necessary to reach the lost around them.

January / February 2015 — The Truth

The term “apologist” was applied to theologians in the 2nd and 3rd century who defended the Christian faith amidst a Greek culture. Our current culture looks very much like those centuries – with Jesus being considered as one god among many. For us to proclaim and defend the faith to an unbelieving culture, we must understand that our apologetic is rooted in the person of Jesus. This series is not arranged in basic apologetic categories, but instead looks at apologetics through a lens of the meta-narrative of Scripture and the importance of Christ being the foundation of our apologetic. Since biblical literacy is very low in most churches, focusing on Scripture is high priority for this series.

December 2014 — Go Tell It: Christmas Retold

The characters in nativity scenes we see in stores and depicted in church pageants often are often filled with caricatures and inaccurate depictions. We build a really bad “living nativity” on the platform week by week and use the key figures to examine their true role in the birth of Christ and in God’s Great Plan of Salvation.

October / November 2014 — Psalms for Every Season of the Soul

God’s Word in general and the Psalms in particular have been a way for God’s people find expression for every season of life. As we continue our fall focus on spiritual disciplines, we examine five Psalms that teach us how to relate to God on the ups and downs of life’s journey.

September / October 2014 – Spiritual Practices

“Discipline yourselves for the purpose of Godliness,” Paul tells Timothy (1 Tim. 4:7) and from the word discipline (gumnasia) we get the word “gymnasium.” If we want to become more like Christ, we can’t just try hard, we have to train intentionally, responding to God’s grace at work in and through us. We must build into our lives the spiritual habits and practices of a follower of Jesus.

For the full series, Click Here to access Venture In and Venture Up.

July / August 2014 — Summer School: Things You Want To Hear From Your Pastors

These seven titles were a result of a virtual poll to determine which important biblical topics that people wanted to hear about from our teaching pastors: What is Unique about Christianity?, The Bible, Guilt and Forgiveness, The Body of Christ, Is it Enough to Be a Good Person?, What if my Friend dies without Christ?, and Endurance.

May / June 2014 — Simplify: The Truth About Living, Working and Playing in Busy Times

We wake up most days not trying to serve, just trying to survive. In an era of unprecedented complexity and opportunity, we need to equip our people with the skills and habits that will free them from the tyranny of the urgent so they can prioritize, invest and build healthy relationships.

April 2014 — Oikos: Praying for My World

“Oikos” is the Greek world for household which today is used by missiologists to refer to those in your sphere of influence that God has strategically connected to your life. Every person that was transformed by the ministry of Jesus was told to go home (“to your oikos”) and tell them what He had done for them. This Easter, we want to leverage this prayer and evangelism strategy to equip our people to respond to the Resurrected Jesus.

February / March 2014 — myNext Is…

Early in the history of the church, there is a key figure named Barnabas whose ministry builds up and supports the growth and expansion of the gospel mission. He is nicknamed “Son of Encouragement” and he is a model for the way each of us can support the vision of kingdom growth of the Middle Tennessee Initiative.

January 2014 — Next: The Vision Series

The “Next” Vision is about our calling to Middle Tennessee. We feel God has strategically positioned to make a gospel impact in our own region. In doing so, we are being obedient to continue the mission Jesus began in Luke 4 when he inaugurated his public ministry.

December 2013 — Child of Promise

The birth of a child is a time filled with great hopes and expectations. Woven throughout the Bible are important birth stories and prophecies that point to our greatest hope: the coming of the Messiah, a Savior who will rescue us from our broken world. This Advent we remember these stories and celebrate that God kept His promise and we now have Immanuel—God with us.

September – November 2013 — Romans Series

Paul was a preacher and his call was clear—share the gospel with both Jews and Greeks, foolish and wise. Of all his writings, Romans is his most comprehensive exposition of the gospel, including what it means for all of us as believers today. Hear the truth about your identity and mission as a believer and follower of Christ.

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