Approved Curriculum Process

Sermon-Based Curriculum

Currently Brentwood Baptist Church is providing customized curriculum that follows the Sunday sermon text and theme. We have entered into a partnership with LifeWay to help us develop lessons that will cover the same passage from a different perspective, and also incorporate additional material. Our hope and prayer is that this reinforcement will help our people move towards becoming greater doers of the Word, and not merely hearers (James 1:22-25).

For this reason, our suggested curriculum for all our LIFE Groups is to take advantage and utilize this sermon-based curriculum as a way to emphasize our church-wide themes and help our people wrestle with applying these truths to real life.

Foundations Curriculum

Brentwood Baptist Church is currently developing curriculum that will provide a biblical study of our Seven Spiritual Foundations.  The first series of this study launched in September 2014. The Seven Spiritual Foundations include:

  1. The Life of Christ / Christology = Encountering Christ In Scripture
  2. Spiritual Disciplines = Spiritual Disciplines
  3. Biblical Studies = God’s Unfolding Story
  4. Healthy Relationships = Loving Well
  5. Theological Foundations = Transforming Truths
  6. Missions & Evangelism = Living Sent  
  7. Servant Leadership = Spiritual Leadership 

Map-Based Curriculum

In addition, we have developed a curriculum map that is organized around our Seven Spiritual Foundations and have included suggested and approved resources that target different levels of spiritual maturity. To access this curriculum map, please click hereDownload the Curriculum Map

Additional Approved Resources

This Resource List includes additional resources that are organized around our Seven Spiritual Foundations and divided up among different levels of spiritual maturity. This list is more comprehensive but not necessarily exhaustive. To access a larger list of other approved resources, click this link to Download Other Approved Resources.
Download Foundations-Based Curriculum

Submit Request to have Curriculum Approved

Should you desire to use a resource or curriculum in your LIFE Group or Mentor Relationships that is not on one of our approved lists, please click here to fill out a Curriculum Approval Request. This should be submitted a minimum of one month in advance of your projected start date to allow time for our Curriculum Vetting team to preview the resource and approve submit a report.
Submit an Approval Request