Base Role and Ministry Stretching

By Paul Wilkinson Mike Breen offers a helpful analysis of our development in our ministry roles in his book Building a Discipling Culture. He argues that we are each hardwired with a base ministry but that, over time, the Lord stretches us to learn other ministry functions for the sake of having larger and larger kingdom impact. The model looks like this: I’ve shared with you my personal diagram. My base role is pastoral, meaning that I enjoy, receive energy … Continue reading

Fivefold Ministry Pentagon

By Paul Wilkinson Mike Breen in Creating a Discipling Culture offers a helpful image of the fivefold ministry. In addition, he highlights the consequences of immaturity in each role. I share these ideas with you because, in understanding these roles, we can do two things: empower our group members to fulfill their calling in Christ and maintain unity in the body by not forcing our role on someone else. The definitions come from page 25 of Spiritual Leadership by Jeff … Continue reading


By Paul Wilkinson Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick are big on intentionality as a necessary feature for discipleship. As many a discipleship guru has said: disciples are not made accidentally. We must be AFTeR individuals that the Lord would have for us to invest in as they come to and grow in faith. They suggest Matthew 28:19-21 and Deuteronomy 6:4-9 as key texts highlighting the Lord’s intentionality in commissioning us to disciple others, raise up new generations, and make the … Continue reading