Bible Engagement + Scripture Reflection = Spiritual Growth

I ask you: how are you equipping, encouraging, and empowering your people to engage the Bible and reflect on Scripture’s meaning in their life? The Reveal study carried out by Willow Creek Community Church almost a decade ago still provide crucial insights for how we are leading our people. THE key factor in spiritual growth is engagement with and reflection upon the Bible. The authors argue for three major movements as one progresses from unbelief and spiritual immaturity to a … Continue reading

Reboot Ministry

BBC’s Reboot Combat Recovery ministry will again offer the Reboot support class to veterans of our military services at Operation Stand Down on 12th Avenue South in Nashville. We’ve been pleased to graduate more than 50 men and women veterans from a BBC ministry which addresses Post Traumatic Stress, depression and spiritual wounds.  Graduates have gone on to re-connect with their families, find employment and move toward personal stability because the Reboot course has given them biblical answers for the … Continue reading

Focus Studies & Curriculum Strategy

Here’s a video from Eddie Mosley about Focus Studies & Curriculum Strategy. Reminders from the Adult Ministry: Upcoming Gospel Conversations Focus Study and October-November – “Just Like Barnabas” curriculum alignment