How does God Count Us?

By Julie Gilbreath, Brentwood Campus LIFE Group F Leader Last week, I taught two seemingly unconnected lessons. One was from Acts 11, where Barnabas goes to Antioch, and the other was from Numbers, which included the census of the Israelites from chapter one. Since it’s not obvious on the surface, I probably never would have made the connection, had I not met with Paul Wilkinson for our Spring LIFE Group Leader Meeting. He gave me the outline of our church’s … Continue reading

Ethics of Hospitality

By Paul Wilkinson Follow this link for a great article about hospitality and ethics. As you read it, meditate on the types of communities that you are forming in your LIFE Group: Are they welcoming and inviting to the stranger, foreigner, widow, poor, etc.? Are you partnering with the Spirit to create communities that promote outreach and evangelism?  

Hospitality as Outreach

By Paul Wilkinson Michael C. Mack challenges general understandings of hospitality as mere caregiver, instead arguing for a radical outreach paradigm in search of strangers to love through our caregiving. So, not only will increased hospitality in your groups, generally understood, provide a place for visitors to stick due to warmness, invitation, and geniality, but teaching Mack’s model of biblically informed hospitality can empower and compel your group members to seek the lost and searching in their sphere of influence. … Continue reading