Focus Studies & Curriculum Strategy

Here’s a video from Eddie Mosley about Focus Studies & Curriculum Strategy. Reminders from the Adult Ministry: Upcoming Gospel Conversations Focus Study and October-November – “Just Like Barnabas” curriculum alignment

3 Paths for Inviting People to Group

By Paul Wilkinson We always need to keep invitation and outreach in front of our members’ minds. The natural drift, and it’s not evil, is insular; that is to say, over time we will become comfortable with “our church people” and “our church friends” leading to complacency. But we are called to make disciples, not only of “our church friends,” but of lost and searching friends and others we don’t even know yet, who are yet to believe. With that … Continue reading

The Value of Leader Rallies

By Paul Wilkinson Welcome-Launch Rally August 5  |  4:00 PM Many moons ago, I gave you a breakdown of discipleship spaces Public, Social, Personal, Transparent and Divine, and how they affect what we ought to be aiming for in our leadership. I also argued that, if we do not have an expression within each space, then we are not being or making holistic disciples. I do not mean that weekly we need to be in all of them, maybe just … Continue reading