Roger Severino

The Powerful Persuasion of a Compelling Life

In this series we have talked about Christian apologetics, which is basically making a defense for why we believe what we believe. I am thankful for Christian scientists who help us understand the world God created. I am grateful for Christian philosophers and theologians who can challenge the underlying assumptions that make the skeptic not even consider the claims of Jesus and historic Christianity. My experience, however, is that many people are far more persuaded by a transformed life than … Continue reading

9 Things You May Not Know About The Holy Spirit

In some Christian traditions the Holy Spirit is strongly emphasized, while in others the Spirit may be deemphasized. A balanced, biblical view of the Holy Spirit is helpful, not harmful. Here are nine things you should know about the Holy Spirit: He is a Person. OK, maybe not a person in terms of human, but the Bible, including Jesus, refers to the Spirit as a “he” not as an “it.” The Holy Spirit is not merely a force, but a … Continue reading

The Source of Truth: Getting To Know Jesus

by Roger Severino        Last time, we considered that the truth is not a philosophy or religion, but a person: Jesus Christ. So, if Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (see John 14:6), how do we get to know Him? Fortunately, the Living Word (Jesus) has been captured in the Written Word (the Bible). For a scholarly yet reasonably accessible study of the reliability of Scripture, check out Craig Blomberg’s new book Can We Still … Continue reading