Paul Wilkinson

Application for Themselves: The Necessity of Bible Intake by Group Members

By Paul Wilkinson   If only the leader is in the text daily, then only the leader is sensitive to the Spirit’s quickening: seeing the Scripture in life. Therefore, we must provide opportunity for our group members to be in the text daily. We must give some application points to our group members; that’s part of being a good teacher. Just consider the Great Commission: teach them to obey. However, even though we can cater application to a group of … Continue reading

Transformational LIFE Strategy Refresher

By Paul Wilkinson The Transformational LIFE Strategy (TLS) helps us frame the call to kingdom living. It is firstly, an encouragement and guide to the disciple of Jesus in seeking to imitate Jesus in word and deed. Secondarily, it is an organizational structure for our groups such that they live out the call to abundant life. Periodically, I use TLS to evaluate my own obedience and affection toward the Lord. I encourage you to do the same for yourself, your … Continue reading

Group First Impressions: Armen’s Take

By Paul Wilkinson As I contemplated the blog for this week, it struck me that I have with me an example of someone who walked into a group without any prior information and stuck to it. Armen is interning in the Adult Discipleship department with me. If you haven’t met him yet, then you will be meeting him in the near future (and if you want a PhD Theologian to chat with, contact him!). I encouraged Armen to visit a … Continue reading