Paul Wilkinson

Future Church: Equipping Group Members to Pastor

By Paul Wilkinson Pastor Mike has been saying for the entirety of 2017 that the time is coming soon when we will be called to pastor our neighborhoods and house churches as opposed to expecting unbelievers to come to a centralized institution. We, as LIFE Group leaders, are crucial in this endeavor. What Mike cannot do when speaking to a couple thousand people, we can do speaking to a couple dozen people. We have the opportunity to train and equip … Continue reading

Base Role and Ministry Stretching

By Paul Wilkinson Mike Breen offers a helpful analysis of our development in our ministry roles in his book Building a Discipling Culture. He argues that we are each hardwired with a base ministry but that, over time, the Lord stretches us to learn other ministry functions for the sake of having larger and larger kingdom impact. The model looks like this: I’ve shared with you my personal diagram. My base role is pastoral, meaning that I enjoy, receive energy … Continue reading

Raising Up Leaders

By Paul Wilkinson These are two short but packed articles about the context for raising up leaders AND how to go about raising up leaders in our groups. During this season of emphasis on Spiritual Leadership and “Leading Well”,  meditate on your “aquarium” status and pray about who the Spirit might be calling you to invest in over the next few months.