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Engage Middle Tennessee : Grow your Group and Evangelize the Lost and Searching

Engage Middle Tennessee around the corner and I wanted you to hear from Vicki Howell who coordinates the event for us. Prayerfully consider using this opportunity to invite along the lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers you and your group know and have been praying for. It is often easier to invite into a service project rather than deep Bible study or accountability groups. Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow your group and evangelize your sphere of influence. … Continue reading

Bible Engagement + Scripture Reflection = Spiritual Growth

I ask you: how are you equipping, encouraging, and empowering your people to engage the Bible and reflect on Scripture’s meaning in their life? The Reveal study carried out by Willow Creek Community Church almost a decade ago still provide crucial insights for how we are leading our people. THE key factor in spiritual growth is engagement with and reflection upon the Bible. The authors argue for three major movements as one progresses from unbelief and spiritual immaturity to a … Continue reading