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Friendship, part 1

Friends generally make life better. Our very own LIFE Group leader Ken Marler has learned in his LifeWay research that one of the primary indicators about whether someone remains in the church (and groups in particular) is whether or not they make a friend in the church. Such is the same for those yet to believe among our unchurched neighbors and co-workers: can we be Christian witnesses to them through authentic friendship? For this week, reflect on this list about … Continue reading

Loneliness is Killing People . . . well, Sorta

I wanted to kickoff a series about loneliness as one of the major contemporary curses in our community. A meta-analysis study published in 2015 show an increased likelihood of mortality of 29% for social isolation, 26% for loneliness, and 32% for living alone.1 Loneliness is actually shortening lives. Reflect on Acts 2.46 as you read the statistics below: “Every day they devoted themselves to meeting TOGETHER in the temple, and broke bread from HOUSE to HOUSE.” From a Cigna survey … Continue reading

Mustard Seeds in Israel

LIFE Group leader Julie Gilbreath shares a reflection from her trip to Israel to encourage and challenge us during this series, “Gospel Conversations: You will Be My Witnesses.” During a lesson in Israel, our leader was talking about how the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed (Matt. 13:31-32). Then he pointed out that I was sitting right next to a mustard plant! I had no idea, but as soon as I was told (and after multiple selfies) I … Continue reading