F Leader

2019 Sermon Series

I was blessed to be a part of the preaching retreat to plan the sermon series for this year. To see 7 pastors (plus whatever I am!), come together with prayer, Scripture, lament, and dreams for each of their congregations was humbling. Whatever I thought I had become in terms of leading others, I was reminded that I’ve still a lot to learn to reach their level. I’m so excited for what’s coming down the line that I wanted to … Continue reading

Prayer(s) for 2019

Nothing great achieved with Christ for the kingdom has been done without an ocean of prayer accompanying the task. Because of our belief that biblical community through small groups is the most catalytic vehicle for spiritual growth, the task in front of us is enormous: to connect the unconnected and to invite along our lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers into our lives (small groups). Here’s 3 prayer concepts for 2019: Intentionally model and encourage prayer for your lost and … Continue reading

The 3 S’s for 2019: Surfacing, Sticking, Staying

For the growth of any groups ministry, the 3 S’s are necessary: surfacing on-ramps, sticking tactics, and staying power. Surfacing – How are you surfacing potential group members to become a part of your group; Sticking – What is it in that first or second encounter with a potential group member that causes them to visit and “stick” in your group; Staying – What causes potential group members to stay for the long haul? Here’s what you can do to increase … Continue reading