Eddie Mosley

The Value of Observing

By: Eddie Mosley In my over 30 years of ministry, I have never read about the practice of observing.  It is something we probably do naturally in leadership without realizing it. For example, when eating lunch on Sunday afternoon you look at your spouse and ask, “Did you notice how Beth responded during the discussion on loving your boss as Jesus loves the church,” or on your drive home from your neighborhood small group and you ask, “Were you reading … Continue reading

Who is Eddie Mosley? Part 3

By Eddie Mosley Groups are a primary vehicle for Gospel Transformation in the lives of our people. We want people to be changed by Jesus and use groups to do that. (Acts 2:42ff.) How have you been changed by Jesus and how have you seen others changed by Jesus? Being changed by Jesus is a life-long process. Just about the time we think we have it together, He shows us something new that He is working on. The process of … Continue reading

Who Is Eddie Mosley? Part 2

By Eddie Mosley You’ve been here about 2 months now: what have you learned and what are you learning? I’m excited to be at Brentwood Baptist. The people are far more loving than I even anticipated. I knew they’d be accepting, but the loving nature of the people at Brentwood Baptist has been overwhelming. Our community needs that love, the interaction of Brentwood Baptist people in their neighborhoods and communities whether that be sports, at the gym, kids, schools, whatever. … Continue reading