E Leader

The Model Prayer

By Paul Wilkinson In keeping with last week’s post about soul care being one of our challenges for 2017-18, I wanted to offer you a helpful tool I use to support my prayer life. I take this diagram from Mike Breen in Building a Discipling Culture, the Lord’s Prayer Hexagon: Breen breaks the Lord’s Prayer into the 6 categories seen above. If this is the model for how Jesus’ disciples are to pray, then we can trust that utilizing these … Continue reading

The Invitation-Challenge Matrix

By Paul Wilkinson How do these quadrants play out in group life? A Bored Culture full of apathetic people would be a group with no challenge from the Word, little concern for reaching the lost, and no intuitive to carry one another’s burdens. These groups would not exhibit L or I or F or E. A Stressed Culture full of overworked people usually takes the shape of a group leader doing everything himself or herself. As group leaders, we must … Continue reading

Living Sent Videos

Jay Fennell interviews Jason Dukes, Brentwood Baptist Church Multiplication Minister and author of the foundations curriculum Living Sent, about Jason’s purpose, hope, and passion for the body of Christ discipling through engaging the lost and searching by living out the kingdom of God in service and compassion. Part 1:  What does “living sent” mean? Part 2:  What practices might arise from this study? Part 3:  What is significant about come and I will make you fishers of men? Part 4:  … Continue reading