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By Sonnie Bain Sonnie Bain has written our blog for today. May you find it an encouragement about the great hospitality in our groups and a challenge to begin inviting the lost and searching into our communities to experience that kindness of Christ. Thank you, Sonnie, for taking such good care of our groups and loving our leaders well. Paul Wilkinson, Adult Minister–Groups Associate A few years ago, Williamson County schools adopted the simple mantra, “BE NICE.”  It started at … Continue reading

Transformational LIFE Strategy Refresher

By Paul Wilkinson The Transformational LIFE Strategy (TLS) helps us frame the call to kingdom living. It is firstly, an encouragement and guide to the disciple of Jesus in seeking to imitate Jesus in word and deed. Secondarily, it is an organizational structure for our groups such that they live out the call to abundant life. Periodically, I use TLS to evaluate my own obedience and affection toward the Lord. I encourage you to do the same for yourself, your … Continue reading

Group Fundamentals: 5 Essentials

By Paul Wilkinson Here’s a helpful article from Ed Stetzer that was in Christianity Today in 2015. Most of these elements apply directly to our groups and are good handles for thinking through our L.I.F.E. expressions.  The 5 Elements are: 1.  Mission Orientation Does your LIFE Group have a mission statement so that anyone who were to “randomly” wander in would know what the group is about? 2.  Word-Driven Mentality You guys, as the F leaders, are doing so well at teaching … Continue reading