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Pray for Neighbors BY NAME

As Easter approaches, I’ve been meditating on these words from our pastor, Mike Glenn: Our friends, neighbors, and co-workers are asking questions that only Jesus can answer; when you go home, go to the end of your driveway and pray for every house in your neighborhood that the Lord will send a revival and that it starts at your driveway. Jesus has risen, liberating us from the bondage of sin and the fear of death. As believers, we ought to … Continue reading

Engage Middle Tennessee : Grow your Group and Evangelize the Lost and Searching

Engage Middle Tennessee around the corner and I wanted you to hear from Vicki Howell who coordinates the event for us. Prayerfully consider using this opportunity to invite along the lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers you and your group know and have been praying for. It is often easier to invite into a service project rather than deep Bible study or accountability groups. Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow your group and evangelize your sphere of influence. … Continue reading

LIFE Groups on Mission: Gracewalk LIFE Group

Eddie received a call from a Rutherford County Foster Care Ministry asking whether there’s any group who could help a family who just welcomed into their home 3 foster kids a week before Christmas. The family was overwhelmed to provide a joyous Christmas experience at the last minute. Eddie reached out to the Gracewalk group, and here’s what happened: Paul, Steve and I wanted to reply to you regarding the testimony requested. I’m not sure it’s much of a story. … Continue reading