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Raising Up Leaders

By Paul Wilkinson These are two short but packed articles about the context for raising up leaders AND how to go about raising up leaders in our groups. During this season of emphasis on Spiritual Leadership and “Leading Well”,  meditate on your “aquarium” status and pray about who the Spirit might be calling you to invest in over the next few months.  

The Model Prayer

By Paul Wilkinson In keeping with last week’s post about soul care being one of our challenges for 2017-18, I wanted to offer you a helpful tool I use to support my prayer life. I take this diagram from Mike Breen in Building a Discipling Culture, the Lord’s Prayer Hexagon: Breen breaks the Lord’s Prayer into the 6 categories seen above. If this is the model for how Jesus’ disciples are to pray, then we can trust that utilizing these … Continue reading

2017-2018 Challenges

By Paul Wilkinson We are about to embark on another exciting season of group leadership and discipleship. We want to set before you a few of the challenges that we, as group leaders, are being called to engage. We will be praying and encouraging you toward these biblical principles throughout the year. • Internalize and Articulate the BBC Discipleship Strategy  You will hear a lot about a new (though ancient) discipleship strategy that seeks to unify our mission as the Brentwood … Continue reading