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Leading an Externally Focused LIFE Group

by Jay Fennell One of the biggest challenges in leading a LIFE Group is keeping the group externally focused. An externally focused group intentionally builds bridges into the lives of others, especially non-group members. Externally focused groups travel together toward Christlikeness but always looking outward for others to bring on the journey with them. It’s a challenge to lead a group to be externally focused because the natural tendency for any group is to be internally focused, especially groups a … Continue reading

Avoiding the Closed Group Syndrome

by Jay Fennell Every small group or Sunday school class drifts toward becoming inwardly focused. Here’s how it plays out: a new group forms and enjoys early days of developing new relationships and connections with people. Everyone is equally eager to develop these relationships. The group grows numerically as new faces are added. Excitement builds as the group grows and reaches new people who were formerly unconnected.  This momentum lasts for a time but, after a while, it slows as … Continue reading

Cost of Discipleship

By Eric Warren No one likes to be different.  As the old proverb goes, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered.”  If you’re as unfortunate as I am, you have quite the arsenal of stories that entail truly how awkward you were through the years of middle school and high school.  Looking back now, I can definitely laugh but, at the time, all I wanted was to be like my friends and not have much about me stick out that … Continue reading