Monthly Archives: February 2019

Bible Engagement + Scripture Reflection = Spiritual Growth

I ask you: how are you equipping, encouraging, and empowering your people to engage the Bible and reflect on Scripture’s meaning in their life? The Reveal study carried out by Willow Creek Community Church almost a decade ago still provide crucial insights for how we are leading our people. THE key factor in spiritual growth is engagement with and reflection upon the Bible. The authors argue for three major movements as one progresses from unbelief and spiritual immaturity to a … Continue reading

LIFE Groups on Mission: Gracewalk LIFE Group

Eddie received a call from a Rutherford County Foster Care Ministry asking whether there’s any group who could help a family who just welcomed into their home 3 foster kids a week before Christmas. The family was overwhelmed to provide a joyous Christmas experience at the last minute. Eddie reached out to the Gracewalk group, and here’s what happened: Paul, Steve and I wanted to reply to you regarding the testimony requested. I’m not sure it’s much of a story. … Continue reading