Monthly Archives: July 2018

Celebration, Communication, Community

By Sarah Becky Spain, active member of the Oasis LIFE Group, a women’s group that meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and is led by Sarah Samuel. The Oasis Class bulletin board is a way to celebrate, communicate, and share life within our class community. Practically speaking, it’s a space where we can purposefully and effectively share things of value with our group. We want group members to be informed about key parts of our group, even if we can’t … Continue reading

1, I, One, Eins, Uno BIG Idea

By Paul Wilkinson Ken Braddy talked about having only one big idea for each group gathering. It is so crucial that we give our group members some concrete handles as we lead, so: Play the long game knowing you can build on it next week; Aim for helping them live out their faith; Don’t overwhelm your group members with fact upon fact.   Don’t forget to join us to talk through, together, our BIG Ideas for LIFE Groups at the  Welcome–Launch … Continue reading

Praying for the Lost and Searching

By Paul Wilkinson Shelly and I are working with an organization this week in Jamaica called American Caribbean Experience (ACE). They essentially do the Middle Tennessee Initiative in rural Jamaica, focusing on healthcare, education, poverty, and spiritual development. We went to church yesterday at High Gate Gospel Chapel and, shockingly, they have a very similar discipleship strategy as us: being faithful followers of Jesus while making followers of Jesus, cf. being disciples of Jesus while making disciples with Jesus. I say … Continue reading