Monthly Archives: December 2017

How I STILL Think of You

By Paul Wilkinson You may recognize this article from December 2016. I wanted to update it and reinforce that I still believe Adult Discipleship through Groups ministry is the most strategic ministry in the church. We must be the engine, producing disciples for all other ministries to utilize: preschool, children’s, missions, church plants, . . . . I pray that you adopt this mentality and calling. Who knows what the Spirit will do with us when we allow our limited … Continue reading

Groups Pipeline

By Paul Wilkinson I’m sure many of you are familiar with the image above from the principles in The Leadership Pipeline book by Charan, Drotter, and Noel. I want to plant this image in your mind so we might begin to think about our particular group members, the diversity among them, and how we need to address each type of member differently. The question is not “how do we directly produce new group leaders from someone only sitting in the pew … Continue reading