Monthly Archives: November 2017

Hospitality: Holiday Outreach

By Paul Wilkinson Remember that part of hospitality is outreach: we develop welcoming communities to receive lost and searching visitors, and we, as a group, reach out to those lost and searching in need. Leverage your Christmas functions and ideas as times to invite people to experience your group. Imagine yourself as an unbeliever invited to a Bible study and then as an unbeliever invited to a Christmas party. Surely some of us would choose the latter over the former! … Continue reading

Ethics of Hospitality

By Paul Wilkinson Follow this linkĀ for a great article about hospitality and ethics. As you read it, meditate on the types of communities that you are forming in your LIFE Group: Are they welcoming and inviting to the stranger, foreigner, widow, poor, etc.? Are you partnering with the Spirit to create communities that promote outreach and evangelism?  

Confession as Hospitality

By Paul Wilkinson That title may seem strange if you think I intend for you to elicit sin confessions from the visitors to your group! Please, do not. What I mean is that the vulnerability and openness of a group will always be a function of how vulnerable and open you are as the leader. I AM NOT asking you to air all of your dirty laundry in front of the group. I AM asking you to be open with … Continue reading