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Hospitality: Compelled by the Gospel

By Paul Wilkinson Hospitality in our groups cannot be neglected. We must create warm, welcoming communities that are ready and willing to receive visitors for the sake of discipling them in the Gospel. Check out this great article by Michael Kelley, who argues that hospitality is countercultural in the modern West and difficult for some of us, yet hospitality was a core essential for the New Testament Church, as it should be for us today.    

Hospitality as the Beginning of Discipleship

By Paul Wilkinson Hospitality is often the genesis of our discipleship! I was very arrogant and self-righteous when I graduated from seminary (now I’m only arrogant; I’ve shed the “very”). I would get incredibly frustrated as I walked the halls of our church encountering discussions of college football, weather, and new restaurants tried the previous night. I’d think to myself: here’s the one time a week in the one place a week where we can really let it rip with … Continue reading