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5-Step Discipleship Cycle

By Paul Wilkinson In The Disciple Maker’s Handbook, Bobby Harrington offers a 5-step example of his discipleship cycles. The 5 steps are: Listen, Recruit, Prepare, Engage, and Release.[i] I will give a sentence or two on each of these in order. Listen. Harrington means that we must seek guidance from and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we intentionally seek to engage the discipleship process. Harrington vulnerably admits that “the groups that I led in the past … Continue reading

What’s So Bad about Moral Improvement?

By Paul Wilkinson Discussion of moral improvement or behavior modification, so-called, has become taboo or equivalent to a four-letter word in much of contemporary discipleship discussion. Well-meaning comments about how we are after something other than behavior modification or after more than a self-improvement program abound in contemporary discussions of discipleship. I have even made such comments myself. However, in reading Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy this weekend, I was convicted to qualify such statements against discipleship as moral improvement … Continue reading

The Discipleship Square (Apprenticing)

By Paul Wilkinson   A part of ministry is reproducing yourself. Essentially, we want to work ourselves out of a job by replicating ourselves. It’s no different for group leaders. Breen’s discipleship square is a helpful way to go about developing an apprentice. The dream is that every leader would have at least 1, preferably 2 apprentices at any given time with the ultimate intent that the group will be left to the apprentice as the original leader moves on … Continue reading