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Rhythms of Life Semi-Circle

By Paul Wilkinson     Mike Breen writes, “We cannot bear fruit if we do not spend time abiding. But we cannot simply stay put in the abide mode, for a branch that does not eventually bear fruit will be cut off and cast into the fire.”[i] He then unpacks a powerful image of how grapes were grown (perhaps are still grown?) in the first-century:             At the time of Jesus’ incarnation, a vine would be cultivated, planted, and left … Continue reading

Balance Triangle

By Paul Wilkinson In Luke 6, we see Jesus participate in three phases of holistic discipleship expression: UP, IN, and OUT. The UP phase is represented by divine space, where the individual and the Spirit engage in the disciplines to continually mature one’s faith through personal worship, study, and practice. In this phase we are focused on enjoying the presence of God through our indwelt communion with Him. We see Jesus engage this phase by retreating and praying (Luke 6:12). … Continue reading

The Invitation-Challenge Matrix

By Paul Wilkinson How do these quadrants play out in group life? A Bored Culture full of apathetic people would be a group with no challenge from the Word, little concern for reaching the lost, and no intuitive to carry one another’s burdens. These groups would not exhibit L or I or F or E. A Stressed Culture full of overworked people usually takes the shape of a group leader doing everything himself or herself. As group leaders, we must … Continue reading