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Living Sent Videos

Jay Fennell interviews Jason Dukes, Brentwood Baptist Church Multiplication Minister and author of the foundations curriculum Living Sent, about Jason’s purpose, hope, and passion for the body of Christ discipling through engaging the lost and searching by living out the kingdom of God in service and compassion. Part 1:  What does “living sent” mean? Part 2:  What practices might arise from this study? Part 3:  What is significant about come and I will make you fishers of men? Part 4:  … Continue reading

Descriptive and Prescriptive Discipleship, Part 1

By Paul Wilkinson When I was learning ethics, I had to spend a healthy amount of time learning differences, values, and dangers between descriptive ethics and prescriptive ethics. Descriptive ethics seeks to describe how people actually act, whether in this culture or that culture, whether with respect to God or not. Prescriptive ethics seeks to supply rules (or commands) for how one ought to act. It appeals to some standard that entails certain obligations and duties. This distinction can be helpful … Continue reading