Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Diagnostic Tool and a Word of Encouragement

By Paul Wilkinson Here’s a diagram I was taught last week during a 3-day training conference at LifeWay in downtown Nashville (click on diagram to enlarge): Hopefully, you recognize the head, heart, hands language as the categories for the transformational learning model. And the wedges of the pie are the foundational dynamics for balanced small group discipleship. These categories fit within the transformational life strategy (LIFE) model. Bible Study in the form of weekly teaching and Discipleship Groups which provide … Continue reading

Public Space

By Paul Wilkinson Our final space for discussion is public space. Public space is when the numbers are greater than 70 at any given event or gathered population. Jesus served the public space by ministering to the crowds: the feeding of the 4000 and the Sermon on the Mount as examples. The crucial aspects of the public space are inspiration, movementum, and preaching.[i] For us, the public space most concerned with discipleship is the corporate worship gathering. Note my inclusion … Continue reading

Social Space

By Paul Wilkinson Social spaces consist of 20~70 people and are efficient at creating community, facilitation mission, and promoting spiritual practices.[i] Jesus’ social context was the 70 who were sent out in Luke 10:1. Many of our LIFE Groups function in this context on a weekly basis and even more LIFE Groups function like this during fellowship events. Social spaces are crucial for our discipleship strategy, so, we must leverage them well. Part of that leveraging is to be sure … Continue reading