Monthly Archives: February 2017

Personal Space

By Paul Wilkinson Our Jesus example of Personal Space is Jesus’ relationship to the 12. Recall that Jesus’ Divine Space was His prayer retreats with the Father and the withdrawing from the crowds (Mark 1:35 and Luke 6:12). Jesus’ Transparent Space was with Peter, James, and John (Luke 9:28-36). Those spaces afforded Jesus deeper understanding of His identity, firmer realization of His calling, fuller intimacy with close friends, and greater openness with trusted brothers. Personal Space provides a context for … Continue reading

Transparent Space

By Paul Wilkinson Recall that the discipleship spaces from large to small proceed as: public space, social space, personal space, transparent space, and divine space. As the contexts move from public to divine, generally, accountability increases. Thus, divine space and transparent space would more naturally generate accountability than public spaces. And it is for that reason that the transparent and divine spaces are so significant: they readily provide a natural context for introspection, sin confession, and accountability for righteous living … Continue reading

Divine Space

By Paul Wilkinson Divine space is the discipleship context most readily available to us, yet it is often the context that we focus upon the least. Divine space is defined as, “Being alone with God, your Creator and Redeemer (eg intentionally sitting and enjoying His presence).”* Because this space incorporates only the individual and God, one has perpetual access to it. But because of the business of our lives with demands from work, family, church, and friends, we often jettison … Continue reading