Monthly Archives: January 2017

Questions on Our Journey toward Christlikeness

By Paul Wilkinson, Adult Minister–Groups Associate If a disciple is one who naturally exhibits the words and deeds of Jesus where they live, work, and play, and if we understand disciple making to be a process, then what are some of the major “road signs” to move us along our way? Today I want to introduce you to four key questions that we as group leaders must be answering for our group members or, in the very least, putting our … Continue reading

What’s Our Destination?

By Paul Wilkinson, Adult Minster–Groups Associate, Brentwood Baptist Church I was listening to the Group Talk–Small Group Network Podcast this weekend titled “Northeast Online Huddle Discussion with Steve Gladen” and was struck by a simple illustration from Mr. Gladen. He said that one of the first things he does as he trains churches and church leadership who want to start small groups is that he asks, “If you had your perfect disciple next to you, what would they ooze, what … Continue reading

Teaching Theology

By Paul Wilkinson, Adult Ministry–Groups Associate, BBC Campus As we embark on 13 weeks of theology in Transforming Truths, I wanted to give some encouragement and tips about teaching theology. We like the know-be-do (or head-heart-hands) model for transformational learning. Generally, we understand that model as know –be–do, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. What’s significant is that we are speaking into all three domains as opposed to giving a particular domain priority. Doing without knowing leads … Continue reading