Monthly Archives: March 2016

Engage Middle Tennessee – Part 1

Jason Dukes, Church Multiplication Minister, shares his thoughts on serving others in this first in a series of four videos on Engaging Middle Tennessee.     Questions to stimulate conversation in your LIFE Group: If you had to summarize how Jesus made disciples in no more than five to seven words, what would you say and why? Do you agree with the four elements of the disciple-making rhythms of Jesus as Jason described them in the video – invited them … Continue reading

How One LIFE Group Is Engaging Middle Tennessee

By Michele Dyer, LIFE Group Leader We had such a great time at Set Free Church on Saturday!  It was incredible to see God orchestrate the whole project and to get to be part of what He so obviously wanted to accomplish for this amazing ministry.  Here’s how it all came together…. Since engaging in the world is part of the function of a LIFE Group, we knew we wanted to be involved in serving others together. Our group recently … Continue reading

We Are Called to Shepherd

By Paul Wilkinson A subset of last week’s post about modeling Christlikeness has been convicting me this week. My Pastoral Ministry professor from seminary made the statement in class that he feared that we would love books more than people. At the time, I couldn’t imagine such a reality. How could I ever come to love a book or philosophy more than the people I engaged with the truths derived therefrom? Yet, it happened. I was able to rationalize that … Continue reading