Monthly Archives: February 2016

Modeling Christ-likeness

By Paul Wilkinson Our goal as LIFE Group and Focus Study leaders is to be disciplers such that we guide, direct, and influence our people toward Christ-likeness. One way to understand Christ-likeness is that the words and deeds of Jesus flow naturally out of us. Jesus and Paul give us a strong principle of what it means to live in such a way before our people. I am trained as a philosopher. In modern times, philosophy can get a bad … Continue reading

Sharing My Testimony

By Paul Wilkinson In light of last week’s post about “how” to give a brief testimony and the power in our Christian testimony, I thought it would be good form to share my testimony with you. As someone who grew up in church and never suffered a crisis leading to faith, I always thought my testimony was subpar. I did have crises in my life, but they were generally external to me and were not the genesis of my faith. … Continue reading

Christian Testimony

By Paul Wilkinson I want to share with you a statement that William Lane Craig made to his Sunday School class about the power of our testimony:   The last night of the conference we had a time that was just the Americans with the students alone. So no Chinese faculty were present. When the faculty are not present, the students really let down their guard and began to open up. We had a panel at the close of the … Continue reading