Monthly Archives: November 2015

Hurting During the Holidays

By Jay Fennell The holiday season is a joyous and heart-warming time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, continuing meaningful Christmas traditions, and spending time with the people we love the most…our families. If you’re like me, you can’t wait for the family to assemble, to enjoy fellowship around the table, the giving of gifts, and the making of memories. It’s all so exciting! But amidst the multitude of people who embrace the holidays and look forward with anticipation to … Continue reading

Setting Goals for Your LIFE Group

By Jay Fennell You probably have a lot of experience setting goals in your life. Professional goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, relationship goals…but have you ever, as a LIFE group leader, thought about establishing goals for your LIFE group? Have you ever stopped to consider what God might want to accomplish through your LIFE group this year? Goals are important. They give us direction and purpose. As we wind down the calendar year and prepare for the New Year, it’s … Continue reading