Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Importance of a Warm Welcome

By Jay Fennell I can recall a time when my wife and I were visiting Sunday School classes in a church. We were newlyweds and had recently moved to Texas from South Carolina to attend seminary. We were lonely and homesick. We had no connections, no friends, and no church home, and we desperately needed a place to belong. We visited a few classes for young couples and didn’t feel a connection. The classes we visited were friendly, but we … Continue reading

What Are You Trying to Produce?

By Jay Fennell As it pertains to your LIFE Group, what are you trying to produce? What, through your leadership, are you trying to accomplish in the lives of your people? These are questions that LIFE Group leaders must reflect upon regularly. If not, you run the risk of producing something contrary to what Jesus tells us to produce. So the question then becomes: What does He want us to produce? To answer this question, recall Jesus’ encounter with Peter … Continue reading