Monthly Archives: May 2015

Prayer Time in Your LIFE Group

by Jay Fennell Prayer time in the LIFE Group gathering is a very important time. It’s a benefit of “life together” in community and comforting to know that other Christ followers are praying with you and for you. So prayer time must be considered important every time the LIFE Group gathers at their regular meeting time. But In my years of leading a LIFE Group and interacting with other LIFE Groups, I’ve observed how leaders handle prayer time in many … Continue reading

6 Summer Considerations for LIFE Groups

by Jay Fennell The summer is a unique time of the year for LIFE Groups. People take vacations. Attendance fluctuates. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the momentum going through the summer. But the summer season can be a fruitful time for LIFE Groups, especially as you prepare for the fall. Here are 6 things I recommend you consider as we enter into the summer months:  Consider inviting others to teach or facilitate. If you are accustomed to teaching or facilitating … Continue reading