Monthly Archives: April 2015

Casting Vision for Your LIFE Group

by Susan Hill All of us who lead LIFE Groups want our groups to be healthy, growing, and thriving in a way that glorifies God and builds His kingdom. Not a single one of us wants to stay stuck in the status quo. We want to flourish. But how often are we prayerfully seeking God’s direction for our group? Are we taking the time to envision what our group could look like in a year? In his book, Visioneering, Andy … Continue reading

Building Community in LIFE Groups: The Importance of a Mid-Week Touch

 by Jay Fennell & Susan Hill Over the years of leading my own LIFE Group and also leading LIFE Groups ministries in various churches, I’ve noticed that the healthiest and most relationally connected groups communicate with each other through the week. Communication matters. If you’re not communicating with your group members on a weekly basis, apart from your weekly gathering time, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to build community in your LIFE Group. As LIFE Group Leaders, the primary goal … Continue reading

3 Suggestions to Make Sure First-Time Guests Have an Excellent Experience

by Susan Hill As most of you know, Easter is a busy time for first-time guests in the local church. The hope is that in the coming weeks these guests will return and connect in a LIFE Group. For some people, visiting new groups is difficult.  As leaders, we want to be sure our first-time guests feel welcomed into biblical community. Creating a warm and welcoming environment in our LIFE Groups isn’t difficult, but it does require intentionality. Here are … Continue reading