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7 Ways to Invite People to Easter Sunday

Guest Post by Lauren O’Neill Let’s face it. Sometimes, inviting friends or neighbors to church can be uncomfortable. Sadly, this is because many of us don’t do it very often. We are out of practice! But what’s a better time to change our habits, make a fresh start, and extend the love of Christ to those around us than Easter Sunday—the day of new life, resurrection, and hope? Relationship always starts with an invitation, from one person to another. Here … Continue reading

Following Up with Group Members Who Have Been Absent

Guest Post from “I” Leader Erin Gainey As an “I” leader in my Sunday morning LIFE group, one of my responsibilities is to follow up with group members who have missed a few classes.  Mike Glenn has mentioned several times that one of the first ways you can tell something is wrong is when people stop coming to church. Successful groups not only reach out to unconnected people but also provide support and accountability for regular members. Hebrews 10:24-25 says, … Continue reading

Truth: Defending the Faith – Part 5

In the mid 3rd century, the church faced its most brutal persecution under the brief reign of Decius. Everyone in the Empire, Christians included, were forced to bend to Roman governmental pressure, to sacrifice to Roman gods and then sign a document proving they complied. To refuse meant imprisonment or death. The wake of this edict and the Church’s response to it reverberated for centuries. Cyprian of Carthage was a voice for the Gospel during this time. His words of … Continue reading