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9 Things You May Not Know About The Holy Spirit

In some Christian traditions the Holy Spirit is strongly emphasized, while in others the Spirit may be deemphasized. A balanced, biblical view of the Holy Spirit is helpful, not harmful. Here are nine things you should know about the Holy Spirit: He is a Person. OK, maybe not a person in terms of human, but the Bible, including Jesus, refers to the Spirit as a “he” not as an “it.” The Holy Spirit is not merely a force, but a … Continue reading

Truth: Defending the Faith – Part 2

Under Roman persecution in the beginning years of the early church, stories of powerful and inspiring faith emerged. The truth of the Gospel was spreading through the Roman empire and people whose lives had been transformed by Christ refused to deny Him no matter the threat. Perpetua, a young lady from Carthage in North Africa, recorded her experience as a Christian facing the might of Rome. Her story inspired many to stand firm, and inspires followers of Christ just as … Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Create a Welcoming Environment in Your LIFE Group

Part 2: Two Excellent Reasons To Wear Nametags by Susan Hill It has been said that human beings enjoy hearing their names being said above all other things. I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I know people long to be known and recognized in a group setting. Undoubtedly, people join a LIFE Group to engage in biblical community where others know them and they have the opportunity to cultivate relationships. Obviously, the first step of building … Continue reading