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Rise Up

Expansion by Multiplication by Eric Warren  In 2000, Haley Joel Osmont, Kevin Spacey, and Helen Hunt teamed up for the movie Pay it Forward.  This movie isn’t the cornerstone of any of their careers.  It’s not necessarily a fantastic movie, but if you’re a big sap like me, it has its place when you’re in the mood for a tearjerker.  In this film, Spacey’s character assigns a class of youngsters a year-long project of coming up with an idea to … Continue reading

Reflections on the Sermon on the Mount for Leaders

TWO QUESTIONS ABOUT TEACHING THE BEATITUDES by Roger Severino Last week’s and this week’s JourneyOn Today devotionals relate to meditating on the Sermon on the Mount, beginning with the beatitudes. Here are two questions to consider as you read, apply, and possibly teach the beatitudes to others. Are the beatitudes descriptive or prescriptive? In other words, is Jesus saying we should pursue being poor in spirit, mourning, being gentle, being hungry and thirsty for righteousness, being merciful, being pure in … Continue reading


Making Disciples by Eric Warren Are you curious as to what your life’s calling is?  While every single one of us has a journey laid out before us that is unique and crafted by the wonderful creator of the universe, there is a calling that we all share.  If we dive into Acts 1:6-8, we see Luke describe the disciples’ last encounter with Jesus before His ascension and the offering of this common calling.  6 So when they had come together, … Continue reading