Monthly Archives: May 2014

Psalms of Wisdom

The Psalms have been the hymn book, prayer book, and poetic expression that have helped voice the prayers of God’s people for centuries. The Psalms capture the heart of worship and provide the language for believers to pour out their heart to God, through praise, lament, thanksgiving, and musings on the meaning of life. The Psalms give voice to the wide range of human emotions, but always with a God-ward focus. Watch this compelling video as an introduction to the … Continue reading

Week 4 – Practicing Meditation

Where do you start meditating? We are inundated by the Information Age, but anemic to spiritual growth. It isn’t what you feel most deeply about, but rather what you think about deeply. Meditation leads to obedience, and obedience leads to God’s blessings. Dr. Whitney presents methods on where to begin meditating and how to maintain the methods.

Week 3 – Intake of Scripture

When reading the Bible, do you forget what you just read the second you close the cover? Have you lost interest in reading the Bible? You’re not alone in this universal problem. Dr. Whitney examines the difference between worldly meditation vs. Biblical meditation and methods used to develop transformation, renewing your love for Scripture. He explains how reading is the simple exposure to scripture, while Biblical mediation is the absorption of scripture. The first 20 minutes of this video is … Continue reading