3 Paths for Inviting People to Group

By Paul Wilkinson

We always need to keep invitation and outreach in front of our members’ minds. The natural drift, and it’s not evil, is insular; that is to say, over time we will become comfortable with “our church people” and “our church friends” leading to complacency. But we are called to make disciples, not only of “our church friends,” but of lost and searching friends and others we don’t even know yet, who are yet to believe. With that in mind, here are three paths to invite people to group (and remember that a safe place to invite folks to is a group fellowship, rather than the Bible study proper):

  • SupernaturallyPray for the Holy Spirit to quicken minds so that people come to group. We have lots of folks wandering in who have recently moved here for a plethora of reasons and we have lots of people walking in to “try out” Brentwood Baptist. Leverage your campus pastor’s talent to attract the unconnected; pray those people find your group.
  • InternallyMost of our members, no matter what campus you’re on, are unconnected to groups. If you see someone wandering around that you don’t know, introduce yourself and invite them to group. If your group aims at parents of preschoolers, then hang out around the preschool area to invite parents, and the same for children’s and students.
  • ExternallyLook around your neighborhood and the normal rhythms of your life (dog walking, grocery store, sports practice) and pray about who you should be inviting into community. Remember that the Spirit goes before you working in the minds of those that you’ll be convicted to invite.

Seek to incorporate all 3 paths into your group but start wherever your heart currently is. We don’t want to grow for growth’s sake and we don’t want to grow to hit some arbitrary metric we’ve chosen, rather we want to grow because our communities are full of lost and searching families who are unbelievers or unchurched. We want the abundant life for them, so pray about your role in introducing them to biblical community.

Rally Recap

By Paul Wilkinson

We had a great leader rally last night: getting to know one another better, syncing up our mission to be disciples of Jesus making disciples with Jesus, and partying!! Here’s a quick recap:

  • We want to help our group members be changed by Jesus.
    • How do you gauge the devotional life and spiritual growth of yourself and your group members? How does your group equip its members to engage the Scriptures daily?
    • DREAM: To see 75% of our group members engage the Scriptures daily.
    • HOW WE EQUIP: Current Foundations Curriculum, JourneyOn Today app, Focus Study on God’s Story by Roger Severino, blog, podcast.
    • Roger Severino discussed the Whole Life Stewardship Bible study and sermon series that will be a churchwide (all campuses) alignment for the months of October and November.  The lessons are already posted under the Curriculum tab at the JourneyOn Leadership page found above.
  • We want to help our group members live on mission with Jesus.
    • What service projects does your group engage and how do you invite along the lost and searching to serve with you? What mission journeys did you or those in your group take last year?
    • DREAM: Every Group is represented on a non-local mission trip each year.
    • HOW WE EQUIP: Mission Journeys, Local Missions


Check out this Facebook Live by with Mike Glenn and Eddie Mosley!

Here’s a link to the JourneyOn Today app: http://brentwoodbaptist.com/journeyon-today/

Here’s a link to the curriculum for the Disciple Making Series and the Whole Life Stewardship Series: http://adults.journeyonleadership.com/curriculum/current-foundation-series-2/


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We love you guys and what you do. Thank you for letting us partner with you.




Celebration, Communication, Community

By Sarah Becky Spain, active member of the Oasis LIFE Group, a women’s group that meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and is led by Sarah Samuel.

The Oasis Class bulletin board is a way to celebrate, communicate, and share life within our class community. Practically speaking, it’s a space where we can purposefully and effectively share things of value with our group.

We want group members to be informed about key parts of our group, even if we can’t spend a lot of class time talking about them. We’ve chosen to include highlights from our weekly emails, sign-ups for upcoming group events, photos from past events, and announcements about our monthly Oasis Gives Back campaign. We have a section of the board devoted to our class missionaries, which includes a picture and short bio, as well as prayer points. We’ve also chosen to add favorite verses on note cards and a few book recommendations from group leaders. We’re able to communicate a lot of important class information without words, which allows more class time for studying the Word.

We’ve found that our board is a great way to build community within the group. We can see everything that’s going on and coming up. We are reminded to pray for our missionaries in the world when we see their bios and pictures. We love looking at our class pictures and celebrating all the blessings we collectively share. It also speaks volumes about our group with first-time visitors and future Oasis members.

It was a team effort to decorate the board and now we have one person designated to manage the postings. The entire project was the brainchild of Karen Clark, one of our faithful members and the driving force behind many of our wonderful group activities. It really takes amazing people like Karen to make things like this happen.

Our class board has created a welcoming presence in our room which perfectly reflects the intentional heart of our leader, Sarah Samuel. As a class, we echo the words of Jesus in saying “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” and “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (Matthew 11:28-30, John 10:10). We hope that everyone who visits room 2000 will be enriched and challenged by the study of the Word, as well as encouraged by what God has planned for our impact in His Kingdom.